Genetically modified organisms: why they are scary


This is the ear of science and technology because the scientific knowledge and technologies are getting improved and progressive day by day. You might be familiar with the genetically modified organisms that are being produced by the scientists and companies. Among the most important benefits of these genetically modified organisms the fast growth rates and developments are most popular. For example the Salmon fish is genetically reared by the experts and it has shown good results. The results are beneficial and ideal for the commercial sectors. But there are some problems that are associated with these genetically modified organisms such as scariness. Why these are scary? To understand the topic we will carry on explaining the example of Salmon fish.


Because the genetically modified organisms contain altered genes and DNA so there are chances to change the consumers body systems and functions. Different genes and DNA of different organisms are used to make a perfect and ideal organism that contains ideal features. These organisms have reduced resistance against the harsh environmental and other unfavorable conditions so the scientists are considering the same side effects in the consumers who will use these organisms as food.


The food sector is one of the most important and highly profitable sectors and businesses. There is more earning for the people because customers need foods and diets to eliminate the hunger, to get the power and energy. The Salmon fish that is successfully reared by using genetic modifications is now ready to come in the markets. The Aquabounty is the creator of this genetically modified fish. The must get the approval from the health agencies before to introduce the Salmon fish in the markets. The FDA is looking forward to investigate the side effects and benefits of this food. It is said that FDA will give approval to this fish in upcoming months.


This is a latest case of genetically modifications use to create a resistant insect. As you know the Plasmodium falciparum is responsible to cause the Malaria. The plasmodium infects the mosquitoes and grows inside their guts until maturation. A panel of doctors in America produced the mosquito that has resistant genes so there are no chances of infection. They have created some differences in the genetically modified mosquitoes to find and recognize them easily. Green fluorescent protein (GFP) is used by the experts to make the GM mosquitoes recognizable. The experts are hope to release these GM insects in the filed to increase the resistance level in other mosquitoes.