Genetically modified organisms: examples


British Scientists in Roslin Institute have relocated the DNA into the yolk of a fertilized embryo of a chicken. The ensuing chicken holds the DNA so it has potential to produce proteins that are useful for the humans. These human proteins can easily be composed from the white of the eggs laid by her. Sclerosis and cancer are some popular diseases that can be treated by the proteins composed in the eggs of this chicken.


Anti-thrombin is present in the milk of the goats that are produced by genetic modifications. The compound Anti-thrombin is used against the blood infections and diseases such as blood clotting. A lot of people having thicker blood take the warfarin that is a well known drug to reduce the viscosity of the blood. The use of warfarin is better than the surgery because surgical operations and procedures are involved to waste the blood so there is no benefit of surgeries. That’s why the patients of thicker blood are treated by giving anti-thrombin because it is safe and prevents the blood loss. Presently this is produced blood plasma of the humans. The human blood plasma contains risk of vCJD. While using anti-thrombin is safer and reduces the risks of vCJD.


This is a latest case of genetically modifications use to create a resistant insect. As you know the Plasmodium falciparum is responsible to cause the Malaria. The plasmodium infects the mosquitoes and grows inside their guts until maturation. A panel of doctors in America produced the mosquito that has resistant genes so there are no chances of infection. They have created some differences in the genetically modified mosquitoes to find and recognize them easily. Green fluorescent protein (GFP) is used by the experts to make the GM mosquitoes recognizable. The experts are hope to release these GM insects in the filed to increase the resistance level in other mosquitoes.